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Blog relaunch…

A "rut" is defined as a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change. I started my blog in December 2016 and I eventually lost sight of the vision I had for it. Although I would write one or two good pieces I felt like there was no purpose. The quailty of work was not 100% my best and I began posting fewer and fewer.

So making a conscience decision I've decided to relaunch my blog with a brand new look and new content. My goal is to create a habit for myself to produce new content regulary, share my experiences they way "I" choose to, and really pursue my vision for a lifestyle blog.  


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The Importance of Creating Your Own Space

Sometimes you just need a space that is all your own, it isn’t selfish but healthy and necessary. Read more to find out how I decorate my space and what it means to me.

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Introducing Hult's boston campus 2018 global ambassadors!

As the global generation being a Hult Global Ambassador is more than just a title for us. Get to know more about our dreams and insights as the Hult Boston Global Amabassdors! 


The Skin I'm In: Being a Black Woman in America

Loving the skin your in has been an ongoing process for me, but I’m learning to embrace it, even in trying and chaotic times.


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