Why I Started A Blog

I’m sure a large amount of us have thought about starting a blog. Maybe it’s a millennial thing, or maybe not. We all have our own opinions and thoughts so it’s natural to want to share that with others. In a world where your entire life can take place on the internet starting a blog is not a crazy concept. Yeah, I’ve tried this before to no end, but during that time I don’t think I had a clear idea as to why I wanted a blog. I saw others my age living this glamorous life online and thought I wanted the same thing too. Well, it’s not that easy. Yes, anyone can write a blog, but can anyone write a successful blog?

That’s when I decided to take a step back. Everyone's perspective on success is different. So at that moment I made a vow. It wasn’t going to be about how many view or comments I had or creating this unrealistic aesthetic of a glamorous life. It was simply going to be about, writing. I use to write all the time and I’m not quite sure as to when it all stopped. The hardest part of saying you want to start a blog is getting started. So that’s why I am just going to start writing, being creative and thinking outside of the box. Improve the skills that have been dormant for a while.

So what will this blog offer? Well, it’s going to be an inside look into the transition phase I am at in my life right now; the “unknown” after graduating from college (Something a lot of people are going through at my age), lifestyle elements, self-care, and maybe just a little bit of randomness. I will also write about a major and exciting decision I’ve made in my life that will come to be next year! So stay tuned. I guess all that’s left to say is WELCOME and I can’t wait to get started!