5 Ways to be More Organized in your Life

So it’s January and the beginning of 2017, which means everyone is under the mindset of believing…"Hey it’s a new year so that means a new me" or "Time to make some new resolutions to break old habits". Although I’m a firm believer that we should constantly be working to better ourselves, I think waiting to the New Year tends to be a bit of an excuse. Every New Year you make a new goal and stick with it for a month or two, but then December rolls around and you’ve either completely forgotten that you made a resolution in the first place or you pretend it never happened. (I give two big thumbs way way up for all those who actually manage to stick with it by the way)

So this list isn’t about a New Year’s resolution, but more so about improving my life (and hopefully your too). Especially during a time where I am trying to prepare for graduate school and move to a different country in 8 months. So here are 5 ways you and I can be more organized within our own lives, or at least pretend to.

1.       Use a planner and stick to it.

As someone who appreciates all creative mediums, such as stationary, the idea of a planner makes me happy. However, actually using it is a lot harder than you think. My favorite all- around planner is this this mini binder in Dove Gray by Appointed. They are an American-made brand of desktop products located in my city of Washington, D.C. What I love about the binder is its customization. Everything can be in one place. The have inserts for your calendar in monthly, weekly, and daily view, budget and project planning inserts, meal planning inserts, contact lists, and graph paper inserts. All of it makes it easy for you to organize everything in your life into one central location. The 1st of September will be here before you know it. This little binder has been great for making sure I don’t miss a reminder or deadline.  


2.     Clean your room on Sunday or whatever day works for you

You spend a lot of time in your room. For me, it’s my sanctuary. It’s the one place where I feel most comfortable and can be myself. However, keeping it tidy is not something I am very good at. To be honest my bedroom reflects my mind, a chaotic mess. On the rare occasions that my room is clean, I feel like I’ve got everything in order. While working full-time I have a routine. I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, get ready, work, come home, relax, get ready for the next day and do it all over again. To make that go as smoothly as possible I’ve realized that I should clean and organize the things in my room based on that routine. How I wake up and get ready for work in the morning sets a tone for the rest of my day. So every Sunday I try to clean my room and keep it as clean as possible for the following week. I also try to make my bed because what’s nicer than getting into a freshly made bed every night.

3.       Meditate

This is something I use to do quite frequently but somehow stopped. We live in such a stressful and fast pace world that our minds take on so many thoughts. Think about how much of what you see every day gets pushed into your subconscious. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a moment to sort all of those feelings and thoughts out. I’ve always been an over thinker. It can be an asset and a flaw, but what it does most is overwhelm me sometimes. Taking the time to relax, reflect, and be mindful can really have a positive effect on your life. From how you process information to how you let things affect emotions. My favorite app that helps me meditate is Calm. You can set up guided meditations for you to follow. I recommend starting out small. As simple as it sounds sitting down with only your thoughts can be pretty hard to do. Set a guided meditation for 5 minutes, you don’t always need to meditate for 30 minutes. A clear mind can help you achieve a clear life.

4.       Water!

So this may seem silly, but when you feel good on the inside, it tends to reflect on the outside. Drinking the recommended amount of water a day can be very hard, especially when you consider all the other things you could be or are drinking, such as coffee, tea, and juice. (Believe me coffee and orange juice are my kryptonite) However, I’ve noticed such a difference in the way I feel on days where I drink water more. Plus my skin tends to be pretty thankful of the decision.

5.       No pressure

I think lastly and probably the most important tip is don’t pressure yourself into making your life look a certain way. Completely organizing your life doesn’t just happen overnight, it’s an ongoing process that most people twice our age haven’t quite figured out yet. Life is not perfect and I think it’s okay if we don’t have everything together. We live in a society that forces specific ideal on us. You may feel like the person next to you has it altogether, but most likely they don’t, so don’t compare. Ease up on yourself, live and learn.