Being Honest With Myself

The thing about life is that it never goes according to plan. But the funny thing about life is that it has a way of working itself out and it never gives you something you can’t handle.  At a very young age I knew that I wasn’t meant to stay in one place for too long and no matter where life ended up taking me there was one place that always called me back….and that was London. I’ve never understood where those strong feelings for that particular city came from, but they have always been present in my life.

Back in November I got accepted to Hult International Business School and I chose the London campus. The idea of studying aboard for a year in my favorite city felt like everything I'd dreamed about for my life was finally coming true, it felt meant to be.  I was so excited and began planning everything, but when it came to funding my degree aboard, that’s where it got a little bit tricky. Unfortunately Financial Aid wasn’t able to give out funds to students who chose campuses that weren’t on American soil, although I was attending an American school. So that meant looking within the private sector for loans. That may sound simple, but asking banks to put their faith in you when you are so young, lack experience and financial history, proved to be just about impossible to get a yes. I was extremely disappointed and felt like a failure. I felt like my life plan was crashing and burning, when I was just beginning to feel confident in myself and where I was heading.

I spoke with my parents and advisors and they all told me the same thing. That I was going to have to give real consideration to the thought that I would have to change my campus to help fund my degree. Every time I heard it my heart broke a little and I felt a lump in my throat. But it got to a point where I needed to make a rational decision and look at the bigger picture. I decided that I would make my final decision after attending the Campus Premiere event in Boston at the end of April. Those weeks leading up to the event truly felt like I was wasting my time and that I wasn’t going to get the opportunity to attend this school. That life was going to destroy my plans. But I put that negative thinking aside and I flew to Boston.

It was the first time I had ever traveled anywhere by myself and I was nervous, excited, and a bit lost. I realized though that I was experiencing the same feelings as hundreds of other student I had yet to meet. There was no magic present when I landed because I didn’t feel an instant spark or connection to Boston. Frankly, everything there looked old and industrial and it took 15 minutes to go 0.4 miles, but I pushed through and survived my first day. I met my weekend roommate who was very nice. We both woke the next morning and dressed in our best business attire and walked to our future campus. The itinerary for the day was filled with activities, classes, and guest speakers. Everyone was friendly and within the first 10 minutes I had met people from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, India, China, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand, Norway, Mexico, Italy, London and so many other countries. (In all honestly I felt the least interesting being from the US...haha) The moment I stepped on campus I felt a real sense of international community, a cultural hub of young minds striving to better themselves. One thing that stood out to me during the entire day was how well Hult took care of us. The professors, staff, faculty and current students, guided us throughout the day, answered our hundreds of questions, and fed us like we were all kings and queens (the way to my heart). They did all this with smiles on their faces, enthusiasm, and a sense of pride for Hult and the Global Generation. It was something I definitely needed to see and it made me realize why I chose Hult in the first place. I chose it for its unique International Marketing program, its commitment to the global generation, its unique diverse community and its unsurpassed global reach.

I made a promise to myself after being accepted that I was going to take a risk and no matter what it took or how I got there, I was going to attend this school. I knew this journey wasn’t going to be easy and that I was going to face challenges throughout. I faced my first one. I had to let go of the dream of studying for a year in London and compromise on where to start my program. I’ve chosen Boston and I will be there for 8 month and then spend 3 months in London. And who knows what life has to offer or how it will change my plans. Maybe I’ll be in Boston for the full year or spend 3 months in Shanghai, Dubai or San Francisco. I couldn’t really tell you, but what I know for sure, is that life never really goes according to plan. Change is inevitable and all I can do is stay positive, roll with the punches, and be extremely grateful for everything I have.

I’ll see you soon Boston and wherever else life may take me. :) 

Thumbnail Photo Credit: Kristen Lusk