Creating Content


Spring in Washington, D.C.

A challenge for myself to make more creative content

As you know we live in a world where we are constantly consumed by media content. Whether that’s social media, advertisements, or entertainment. And though someone can argue the negative effects that content has on our lives it also provides positivity as well. Media content can make individuals fill inspired and creative as well as create communities for like-minded individuals. Some of my favorite creators, Ben BrownSteve Booker, and Louis Cole have capitalized on creating cool, inspiring and creative content for their audiences all over the world. There’s something about slow motion shots of the majestic mountains within Canada and the golden sand dunes of Dubai paired with lo-fi chill music that really get me in a creative and relaxing mood. Although I love their content these guys are at a level now where they can make professional looking content with expensive gear through the help of ad related videos, sponsorships, and personal funds. And though there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s a lot harder for people like myself who want to make cool and creative content and can’t spend thousands of dollars’ worth of money on DSLR cameras and drones.

So, I decided to challenge myself. Why not show others that they can make creative video content without DSLR cameras by using just my phone? So that’s what I did. Using only my iPhone 7, my MacBook, and the help of my friend, I was able to create this short piece of creative video content for myself and others out there. Titled “Spring in Washington, D.C.” my video captures a sunny day in D.C. at some of the most iconic places within the city. It may not look perfect to the professional videographers out there, but it’s perfect to me (even with its flaws) and sometimes it’s just about creating, because that is the only way you are going to be able to push your creative limits and grow. So, I hope you enjoy my “Spring in Washington, D.C.”. 

Shot entirely on the iPhone 7. Filmed by KitaLove & TerryDanielle. 
Edited by TerryDanielle. 
Music by: Cabu - Gold