Doing What Scares You

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Have you ever stopped to wonder why fear is so potent? Fear can literally stop you from doing the things you want to do because you may be afraid of failing, being rejected, or embarrassed.

For about two years now I have been struggling with a difficult decision and amazing opportunity that would change my life. (Oh don’t be dramatic Terry). But I never pursued this opportunity because I was scared. Until…I came to two realizations that made we want to overcome my fears.

Here’s the first.

Being fresh out of college for a year, at a job that I felt no emotional connection to I knew I wanted something different for my life. I graduated from Towson University in 2015 with a degree in Mass Communication. During my time there I felt as though I had only brushed the surface of my major and wanted to learn more. I was also lucky enough to have wonderful roommates who all had amazing things going for them that only made me want to better myself. In particular, one of my roommates, Britaney, did something a lit bit crazy, incredibly exciting, and probably one of the most noble and coolest things ever. After graduating Towson she went on to teach in American Samoa! (So cool right? I know!) While living with her for year at school I got to know this awesome person who knew what she wanted out of life and though it may have been scary for her, she JUST DID IT! I'm pretty sure a lot of that rubbed off on me! Now she is there for her second year as a teacher. You can read about her amazing life on her blog here. I read it frequently just to bring a little sunshine to my life. 

And the second.

So, just a few months ago I was listening to this song “Lost Angles” by James Vincent McMorrow. During the second chorus he repeats seven times “Don’t let fear control you” and just like that a light switched on inside my head. Although it may have been a simple line there was so much power behind it.

After graduation I learned about Hult International Business School and everything about it was perfect! It fell in line with exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t believe a place like it existed.  But I was scared to apply for a multitude of reasons. What if I don’t get in? How could I afford it? How would I make it living abroad by myself for a year? Though I’m sure all of those thoughts and feelings were normal, what I realized after listening to that atmospheric song and seeing Britaney live her dream was that it's OK to be afraid, but not trying because I was afraid was NOT OK.

So I called the school, spoke with some amazing advisors, did the research and applied. And that’s when everything changed.  I got accepted to their London campus and Hult International Business School went from being an idea to a tangible thing. Where would I be if I had listened to that tiny fearful voice in my head? So now I am off to London at the end of August 2017! 

All of this has become a life lesson I will never forget. To this day I live by the motto of “Don’t Let Fear Control You” in all aspects of my life.